Let me guess.

If you're like most women, you probably...

  • Blame yourself when things go wrong

  • Give everyone else the credit when things go right

  • Are tired of being stressed and anxious

  • Feel guilty taking time for you

  • Feel uncomfortable talking about money

  • Hate asking for what you need

If so, we'd love you to Join The Conversation.

Together we are wiser than any one of us alone. 

Together we are crowdsourcing solutions. 

Together we support each other in being the change we want to see in the world. 

The Women's Worth Workshop, a curated conversation, is a place for women to workshop solutions for the ways women have been diminished in their own lives - because together we are strong, safe and—undiminished.

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supporting conversations that change the world

  • Speakers Who Dare

Curators of Conversation

  • Team Undiminished.Me


    Team Undiminished.Me

    The Women's Worth Workshop is co-facilitated by Robin Joy Meyers and Jupiter's S.L.U.T. = Shameless. Luminous. Untamed. Truth. "Be unapologetically you at any age," Robin Joy. "I stopped making myself small, there's enough room in the universe for all of us to be glorious," Jupiter. Toggle to see Robin and Jupiter's bios.
  • Robin Joy Meyers


    Robin Joy Meyers

    Robin Joy Meyers is an international speaker, fear strategist and molecular geneticist. She founded Navigate2Empower to educate and empower women who are thought leaders, executives and entrepreneurs, on how to harness the positive power of fear to their advantage. Robin specializes in implementing strategies for self-awareness, mindset and leadership through executive coaching, workshops, and speaking engagements. As a molecular geneticist, Robin discovered the TUB36 gene, a gene that affects the wing formation of fruit flies. She is also the host of the popular radio show, Activate Bold Choices, and is best-selling author of “Alone but Not Lonely” and “The Art of Unlearning.”
  • Jupiter's S.L.U.T.


    Jupiter's S.L.U.T.

    Jupiter holds a master’s in education from UMass Amherst. She integrates cutting edge pedagogical philosophies to serve student independence. Her body wisdom practice started in massage school in 1999. Jupiter believes you are the greatest untapped resource in your life. And she’s an expert in helping you understand what you already know, and uncover what you’ve been yearning for at your core. She exemplifies radical self-acceptance with condor and humor. Jupiter speaks on the intersection of shame and women’s life experiences. She writes under the name Jupiter’s S.L.U.T. = Shameless. Luminous. Untamed. Truth. She teaches workshops on women’s worth, sexual entitlement and self-trust. She’s spoken at conferences from Los Angeles to Washington D.C including CatalystCon and WSFS. September 2019 she will be speaking at the Fearless Women’s Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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  • omen will no longer be dismissed, as too pretty or too ugly.

  • omen will no longer be dismissed, as too bitchy or too mousy.

  • omen will no longer be dismissed, as too angry or too docile.

  • ndiminished—together women rise.

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